Leadership Team



Kathy Kerber is the President/COO of KSM. She has been with the Company since July of 1997. She is continuing the vision her father, Dan Kerber, had for the company when it was founded in 1979. The philosophy that she shares with her father is: treat everyone with respect, take pride in your work, make a quality product and deliver it on time and when you do, make sure you invoice for it the day it’s delivered. Dan believed in KSM’s Core Values of Excellence, Integrity, and Community. Kathy is very proud to continue instilling those values in everything we do each and every day! Fun Fact: Kathy’s nickname of Katfish was given to her when she was 3 months old by her godfather and people still call her that many years later. Kathy can be reached at:



Sales Manager

937.216.2244 (cellular)

Jim Wilmath is KSM’s Inside Sales Manager and Estimator. He has been with the Company since July of 2004. He manages all inside sales and completes the estimating process in a courteous and timely manner as well as managing the work flow between his department and the production team. What he likes best about KSM is its support for outstanding customer service from the owner of the company to the team member who delivers orders. Fun Fact: During the peak of the late 60’s hippie movement, his parents gave him the middle name of Groovy. Now isn’t that just groovy! Jim can be reached at :



Quality Manager

Shavez Lee (who goes by Lee) is the Quality Manager for KSM.  Shavez has been with the Company since April 2018.  His responsibilities include managing all aspects of our Quality Management System as well as being the quality liaison between KSM and our Customers.  What Lee likes most about working at KSM is that every day there is a sense that we are working towards a grand, achievable vision and proudly sees us making strides towards it every day.  Fun Fact:  While Shavez was in the Army he was assigned to an Airborne unit and participated in 35 parachuting jumps.  Lee can be reached at:



Procurement Manager

Jenni Buchert is the Procurement Manager for KSM. She has been with the Company since July of 2010. Her responsibilities include managing customer orders and scheduling as well as all purchasing functions. The sense of family is what Jenni likes best about KSM. Fun Fact: Jenni is an avid reader. Jenni can be reached at: