The automotive insudtry is vast and fast moving.
You need to partner with a a company that understands how to help not only with a part, but how it fits within the entire scheme of production.

At KSM, we can provide input to improve manufacturability, create prototypes, and/or take over short run production responsibilities for the final product.

If your automotive manufacturing operation needs:

 Low volume and/or short run production parts

Production fixtures

Prototypes made quickly

Fabricate products to meet your Facility Maintenance, Efficiency and Safety Needs

Emergency fabrication services to get your production line back up and running

Fabrication, laser cutting, welding, assembly, shearing, and/or forming services

Design / reverse engineering assistance



If your organization manufactures products that require critical, but low volume and/or short run, metal parts (typically 25 to 1000 pc. orders) that don’t justify the tooling cost associated with an automated process, you’ve come to the right place!

Your low volume, short run, custom, or prototype parts will NOT get the “back burner” at KSM Metal Fabrication. At KSM your parts will get high priority attention because we target and specialize in quickly meeting the needs of customers requiring smaller orders.

Our 40+ years of experience fabricating metal parts and assemblies for the automotive industry have enabled us to refine our fabrication, welding, forming, and laser cutting processes to meet demanding standards. In many cases we can even consult with you to discuss re-designing a current product to improve its manufacturability, cost, endurance, and/or appearance.



Every new part creates its own production challenges. Many times custom part fixtures can resolve those problems.

When you need a custom production fixture to hold a part, move a part, or mask a part (e.g., in painting and adhesive applications), KSM Metal Fabrication is the place to go!

Not sure how to resolve an issue you’re having? KSM’s vast experience in Metal Fabrication, Design Consultation, and Reverse Engineering may be able to help.


KSM will gladly assist with the design and fabrication of your automotive prototype / development parts. We can provide input to improve manufacturability, create prototypes, and/or take over short run production responsibilities for the final product.



If you are responsible for keeping your operation up and running, your job will be a little easier by choosing a fabricator, like KSM Metal Fabrication, that has a wealth of experience producing the metal products that help your manufacturing operation run more efficiently and help you meet OSHA, ISO, and other manufacturing guidelines.

KSM will help you design and develop products custom to your manufacturing operation such as:





Shadow Boards


Machine Guards



Maintenance Parts

Shipping Containers (custom reusable)

Conveying Systems

Pallets (custom)


Product Catch Pans


Dip Tanks and Baskets

Other Specialty Needs

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to discuss how KSM Metal Fabrication can help you make your products and company even more successful!


“We have been doing business with KSM for a few years now. We could not be happier with the services KSM provides. Prices are always competitive, parts accurate, and deliveries on time. In any instance where thinking outside the box has been required, the crew at KSM have been more than willing to accommodate and work together to come up with a solution.
We appreciate KSM as a valued vendor in helping us build quality machines.”

Mike W.

Automotive Industry