When you need more than just metal fabrication, you need KSM.

Sometimes you need someone who will come to your site to better understand your needs and your unique challenges.

Sometimes you need an expert who can measure it and design it for you.
Sometimes you need someone who is a fabrication expert, who has “been there and done that,” to give you feedback and advice about how to reach the most efficient and effective solution for your particular project.

Consultation Services

(On-Site and Off-Site)


You want to have your project / product done right and that is exactly what KSM wants to deliver. Whether “done right” means the correct fit, the lowest cost of production, a way to get it back fast, or all of the above – KSM is willing and able to offer you the expertise and the legwork to do it right.

KSM offers the following consultation services as part of our metal fabrication services:

Print Design / Reverse Engineering – for those projects that don’t have prints KSM can create them for you. Whether it is replacing an architectural feature, designing new fixtures, or another unique project you have in mind, KSM will get it done and get it done right!

Design Consultation (on-site) – to clearly define and accurately measure your custom fabrication product needs – particularly helpful for projects such as machine guarding, conveyors, workstations, ramps, etc.

Manufacturing Efficiency Consultation – to help you create or modify your design drawings / product in a way that makes the fabrication process as efficient as possible in order to reduce overall cost

On-site consultation is usually available within 150 miles of our Troy, Ohio headquarters. Locations outside this area can be discussed.


Installation Services


 KSM Metal Fabrication will work with your facilities people to correctly install your KSM-manufactured custom fabrication product. Installation work can be performed days, nights, weekends, and/or during shutdowns to help minimize any disruption to your company’s operation.

KSM consultation / installation services are only offered in conjunction with our metal fabrication, laser cutting, welding, and shearing services.

Providing you metal fabrication and so much more – KSM Metal Fabrication!

Contact us today to discuss your prototype, model shop, short run production, or custom project.