The team at KSM Metal Fabrication are short run production and custom fabrication experts. We focus on and specialize in quickly meeting your need for fabricated metal parts or products – those items that are critical to your operation or final output but that don’t justify the tooling cost associated with an automated process!

Having all your fabrication services taken care of by one company saves you time, hassle, and money.

At KSM we will provide:

Fabrication (including Assembly)



Laser Cutting



And, to make your life easier, we will project manage our qualified partners in their performance of any of these additional services you may need:

 Heat Treating

Machining (including CNC Milling, Turning and EDM)

Metal Spinning

 Plating, Polishing and Anodizing

Power Coating


KSM will fabricate unique, custom sheet metal products to fulfill your specific needs. We will cut, roll, bend, weld and assemble it just the way you want it! Our expertise allows us to:

  • Create one-of-a-kind customer metal fabrications
  • Build prototypes
  • Fulfill model shop needs
  • Produce small quantity custom fabrications
  • Fulfill short-run production fabrication needs
  • Provide fast turnaround

Our support services include:

  • CNC Milling, Turning and EDM
  • Heat Treating
  • Metal Spinning
  • Plating, Polishing and Anodizing
  • Powder Coating
Laser Cutting

With over 40 years of experience, the team at KSM Metal Fabrication are your laser cutting experts! Laser cutting technology allows you to design intricate shapes with close tolerances.

The benefits of laser cutting include:

  • Unlimited cutting configurations
  • Elimination of stack up tolerances inherent in multiple operations
  • No tooling charge
  • Reduced lot sizes
  • Ability to use a wide variety of metal alloys

Precision laser cutting results in better parts production and reduced part distortion. Additionally it gives us and our customers an improved ability to laser cut extremely complex shapes with narrower kerf width.


KSM Metal Fabrication has over 40 years experience fabricating a variety of materials, the most common being:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Mild Steel (including pre-painted steel)
  • Stainless Steel

10′ Accurshear

Material Capability:

  • Steel – up to ¼″
  • Stainless Steel – up to 10 gauge
  • Aluminum – up to ¼″
  • Brass- up to 1/8″
  • Copper – up to 1/8″

The team at KSM excels in prototype, model shop one-of-a-kind, and short run production items! We will complete your prototypes fast – in days, not weeks.

Our team is ready to:

  • Consult with you about the unique requirements of your new parton
  • Create prototypes to help you through the design and testing process
  • Offer suggestions to improve the performance of your part and/or reduce manufacturing costs
  • Produce to your short-run production needs

KSM offers a full slate of fabrication services to fit your unique needs.


KSM Metal Fabrication will save you time, money and aggravation by providing you with quality welding services for your low volume metal parts and products.

KSM Quality Welding Services

  • TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas)
  • MIG (Metal Inert Gas)
  • Seam
  • Spot
  • Sanitary (Meeting cGMP requirements for the food industry)


  • Aluminum
  • Copper (solder)
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel

KSM also contracts with qualified partners to offer:

Machining (including CNC Milling, Turning and EDM), Heat Treating, Metal Spinning, Plating, Polishing and Anodizing along with Powder Coating.

Have a custom fabrication project? No problem! Our team of experts can provide Reverse Engineering, On-Site Design Consultation and Manufacturing Efficiency Consultation.


“This correspondence is to acknowledge the great service that you have provided us this past year. It is our responsibility to provide timely service to our customers and engineering groups. KSM enables us to achieve this with a quick turn-around and professional looking parts. We know we can count on KSM for accurate and high quality products. Thanks again for your service and we look forward to working and growing with KSM for many years to come.”

Dan Z.

Food Equipment Industry