Whether it’s food equipment manufacturing or food processing and food packaging, keeping your facility running efficiently and within food safety guidelines is a big job and KSM Metal Fabrication is qualified and ready to help!

KSM Metal Fabrication has been delivering custom solutions to the Food Equipment industry for over 40 years. Through our continuous improvement and lean management practices, we are able to innovate and pass the resulting production and cost benefits on to our customers. Engineers look to us to provide preciseness and consistent on-time delivery on short batch productions. We offer Procurement specialists the peace of mind of working with a financially-sound, ISO-certified entity that is capable of delivering what we promise. Continuous improvement and the proper credentials, quality and on-time delivery and a woman-owned business that values partnerships with our clients have made us a flexible and trusted supplier to the Food Equipment industry.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Fabricate to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)

ITAR Compliant/Certified

Sanitary welding – help ensure that any type of crevice is minimized or eliminated to facilitate easier cleaning and to prevent food particles from getting trapped and causing contamination.

99%+ on-time delivery for pre-scheduled production orders

40+ years of experience fabricating stainless steel parts and assemblies for the food equipment industry

Specialize in low volume, short run, customer critical parts


KSM will gladly assist with the fabrication of your prototype / development parts. We can provide input to improve manufacturability, create prototypes, and take over short run production responsibilities for the final product.


To help minimize production disruptions for our manufacturing customers, KSM can provide design consultation, reverse engineering, fabrication, repairs, and installation on Saturdays, Sundays, nights, and during plant shutdowns.


The FDA (Food and Drug Administration), NSF (National Sanitary Foundation), UL (Underwriters Laboratory) and many other local and federal organizations are always checking to make sure you meet food safety guidelines. Metal fabricators, like KSM Metal Fabrication, who understand and deliver on the requirements of the cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) can help make your job of meeting these requirements a little easier.

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“This correspondence is to acknowledge the great service that you have provided us this past year.  It is our responsibility to provide timely service to our customers and engineering groups. KSM enables us to achieve this with a quick turn-around and professional looking parts. We know we can count on KSM for accurate and high quality products. Thanks again for your service and we look forward to working and growing with KSM for many years to come.”

Dan Z.

Food Equipment Industry